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Bharat Chhabria


About Bharat Chhabria

Bharat Chhabria lives in Tampa, Florida, where he invests his time in his work as the CEO of Globalogi Venture Partners. Since graduating from college in Mumbai, India, in 1997, Bharat has been fully immersed in the world of business development and management. Not long after completing his undergraduate studies in Biomechanical Engineering, he launched his own startup venture, running a distribution company for medical technology products. He led the company to an impressive market share within just a few years and learned a lot about managing a startup.

In 2000, Bharat Chhabria chose to step away from his startup and move to the United States to pursue further education and business opportunities. He attended the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, where he earned an MBA in Finance and International Business. Then, he continued to pursue roles in the medical technology field, working in management and executive roles that continued to stretch his abilities and helped him develop valuable skills. 

Throughout his career, Bharat Chhabria has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities in the field of financial management and strategic business development. He is passionate about these aspects of business and loves to share his knowledge and expertise with others. Paired with his multicultural background, Bharat is an invaluable asset to any organization. He has helped to drive growth and development at multiple companies and has also spent a lot of time investing in startups and entrepreneurs.

While Bharat Chhabria began his career in the biotech industry, he has quickly found his niche working with entrepreneurs and startups. Having begun as an entrepreneur himself, he has a special interest in helping other aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life in sustainable and successful ways. Over the years, Bharat has noticed a pattern of entrepreneurs who are highly educated in their chosen industries, but lack practical knowledge and experience in handling business finances and strategic planning. These crucial skills are necessary to grow a startup from early launch stages into a business that can be sustained in the long run. In response to this, Bharat founded Globalogi Venture Partners. With a highly skilled team, Bharat partners with and invests in entrepreneurs, offering the coaching and mentorship they need to make their innovative business ideas a reality.

When he isn’t busy building ventures and working with entrepreneurs through Globalogi, Bharat Chhabria strives to give time to his community. He is heavily involved in the technology and incubator in Tampa and has fostered a thriving professional network. Bharat enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry in his local area. Additionally, he is actively involved in multiple nonprofit organizations, supporting their missions and helping to give back to people in need.

In his personal time, Bharat Chhabria loves to travel. Visiting new cultures has helped him to expand his perspective and learn new things about himself and the world. These experiences have helped shape him into a well-rounded individual and have helped him find success in both her personal and professional spheres. Bharat also enjoys bicycling.

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